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The Council of Canadian Fire Marshals and Fire Commissioners has representation from each province and territory in Canada. While each region's role and responsibilities may vary, this Council's desire to continue working toward a stronger and safer Canada is mutual.


Please familiarize yourself with each region's website. Every province and territory is unique in the Acts that they administer and enforce, the roles they play in emergency management or the support the provide to different programs and training areas. You may enter each province's site by clicking on its’ flag above.


Our mission, as reflected in the Letters Patent, is to support its members in their efforts to minimize losses from fire by the following objectives:

  1. advising on and promoting legislation, policies, and procedures pertinent to fire protection;
  2. participating in the development of codes and standards relating to fire safety;
  3. promoting fire safety awareness;
  4. supporting the professional development of the Canadian fire service;
  5. arranging for the compilation and dissemination of national fire loss statistics;
  6. identifying trends relative to the causes and the severity of fire;
  7. providing advice to Accredited Agencies involved in the certification and testing of fire protection equipment, materials, and services relating to fire safety;
  8. providing a forum for the exchange of information on fire safety matters.



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